Something very exciting is coming.


Do you remember Amy?  Number 150.  

A beautiful human being.

Amy has experienced serious loss in recent years with the passing of her mother and that of her infant son.  

Such loss had Amy at the bottom of a well, saturated with grief and unsure how to climb out.  Amy has spent the past few years crawling out of the well and is presently in a position where she feels happy and productive.  

Healing from trauma and loss often means learning how to function and feel joy while coexisting with pain.  Amy is an inspiration because has done just that.  She keeps her mother and infant son in her heart while continuing to care for her daughter, son, and husband.  Part of Amy’s healing journey involved channeling energy into creating art.  

This is how Olives and Bananas was born.  

A lovely little home based business full of yarn and felting and crochet; commissions and workshops; the most beautifully luxurious wool known to mankind!

Amy is so talented and her work is perfection. It’s soft and quaint and adorable and meaningful.  

Amy has huge news for the people of downtown Port Arthur AND Thunder Bay.

Olives and Bananas has expanded!  From the living room and the online world to 49 South Cumberland Street!

An actual brick and mortar location.

I went to visit at the beginning, when furniture was being painted and lights were getting installed.  Then R3 and I went to visit last week, when inventory was being added.

I took pictures of what I saw last week and I’m going to share them now!  Then I’m going to go back to the store next week and take more pictures.  And I’ll share those too!

So many pictures!

I’m so amazed and inspired by Amy.  She has done some amazing things in her journey of healing.  

This beautiful store will hopefully grow and prosper and become a landmark of creativity and joy for Thunder Bay.

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