I was drooling over shoes and dresses at Hey Sailor a little while ago (as I often do) and I came face to face with some gorgeous librarians. 

I mean, I’m always on the lookout for gorgeous librarians (most people are) but it’s pretty exciting to actually encounter some in the wild!

First up, Ruth!

I decided to call her Ruthless.  I did it once and then couldn’t stop myself.

She was born in Toronto and was mostly raised there, but also lived in Antananarivo for two years of elementary school.

Ruth studied at the University of Toronto where she earned her Honours BA in Medieval Studies and English Literature.   She then moved on to the University of Western Ontario where she earned her Masters in Library and Information Science.

Ruth moved to Thunder Bay about 11 years ago and has worked for the Public Library ever since.  Her current position is that of a Community Hub Librarian.  

Ruth spends her spare time with her fiancé and their two cats, plus as much time as possible with her step-daughter, as the two have a very close relationship.

Hello Ruth!


Up next, Jesse!

Jesse was also born in Toronto and attended the University of Toronto for the Master of Information Studies program.  

She has been a librarian for 14 years, beginning her career in Southern Ontario and moving to Thunder Bay approximately nine years ago.  Jesse too is a community hub librarian (with the Public Library) and that is actually what drew her to the great North in the first place.  

After moving to Thunder Bay, Jesse met a man named Jamie (we’ll meet him later this month) and they were married two years later.  They’ve been married about seven years and have a rescue dog named Flirt.

In her spare time, Jesse loves to read, knit, and cook.  She’s also a pretty big coffee fan.

Hello Jesse!


Ruth and Jesse.  Numbers 223 and 224.  

Good friends and such fun people!

As an interesting side note, these delightful ladies informed me that their assigned numbers correspond to Poetic Books of Old Testament and Prophetic Books of Old Testament in the Dewey Decimal System.

Librarians, amirite?  Whatcha gonna do?

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