I’ve told this story to everybody and anybody who asks when I started going to a Pneumaticity for my haircuts.

In grade 13, my English teacher told the class that his wife was opening a salon!  If any of us little raggamuffins went into said salon and declared yourself a student, we’d get a discount!  

Obviously I was hoping for a lifelong discount, but that’s just selfish and ridiculous!  I did get a discount on my first haircut, though.  I went back again and again.  For more hair cuts and hair colourings and pedicures and manicures and even makeup application.  

One day, I went into Pneumaticity and realized I’d been going there for ten years.  Now it’s been over fifteen years.  I’ll keep going as long as they let me keep coming back.

I first laid eyes on Susan before I went into the salon for the first time.  I was working back stage for our high school’s production of The Wiz.  Susan came in to help with all the makeup application for the cast.  I thought, so that’s the beautiful brunette hair-maven Mr B was talking about…

As you can see, she’s no longer sporting the raven tresses.  But she’s a hair dresser, she can do what she wants with the hair on her head!

Susan is still married to my old teacher and they are an amazing couple, both individually and together.  Susan has three adult children and is about to become a grandmother for the first time.  So much excitement!

Over the years, Susan has cut a lot of hair, and executed hundreds of beautiful up-dos and makeup applications.  More recently she has successfully completed training to become a certified yoga instructor.

Pneumaticity offers a large selection of hair products, jewelry, shoes, and clothing.
Every time I see Susan, she is smiling.  Also, she looks more beautiful every time I see her.  

The smiles she offers to all her clients and customers clearly come from within; her outer beauty is only matched by her inner beauty.  

It’s a treat to see Susan and her staff excelling at this beautiful establishment in down town Port Arthur.

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