Here’s a couple new kids on the block!

Specifically, the 200 block of South Algoma, nestled comfortable in a little spa called Totally Polished!

Tori has been with Totally Polished for just a few months now!  She took an online nail technician course in the early summer (Forma and EnVogue) and is now a certified nail technician.  She started working at Totally Polished shortly after and has been practicing ever since!  She’s starting to secure a clientele and her nail work is getting better and better by the day!  

How often do you get to take a picture of someone at your feet?!

Right now Tori does manicures and pedicures but will eventually complete a more in-depth esthetician course when her kids are a bit older.  

Tori actually lives in Nipigon (born and raised) but commutes to Thunder Bay almost every day.  Tori’s husband is an iron worker and he actually helped build the Nipigon bridge!  They met in kindergarten and began dating exclusively in Grade one.  Noooooo, just kidding!  But they’ve been friends since childhood and were married a few years ago.  They have two little girls and a big dumb (but beautiful) husky named Baron.

How cute is that smile??

Tori’s little family loves hunting, and fishing, and playing video games.  I guess you could say they’re a bunch of nature loving geeks!


Maggie has been with Totally Polished since September and is also working hard to improve her skills, or rather to brush up on what she already knows and learn about more modern techniques.

Maggie was born in Beardmore and actually graduated from an Esthetics course in 1999.  She worked for awhile in the beauty industry but then took a break to move to Thunder Bay and start a family.

Maggie stayed home with her three daughters for awhile (a set of twins and a singleton) and then went to school for social work.

Now that the children are almost grown, Maggie has much more time to devote to a career.  So naturally she thought, “I should have two careers!”  She is a practicing social worker for half the time and does nails (and other services) at Totally Polished the other half.  

Somehow, in her eight-days-a-week work schedule, Maggie finds time to hang out with her amazing daughters.  It is worth mentioning, however, that only one out of three girls will consent to having her nails done.  

Well momma, one out of three ain’t bad!

Maggie was recently divorced and is taking this unexpected chapter in life as an opportunity.  She is being the best mom she can, doing work that she loves, and opening herself up to new experiences all the time.  When life throws you a curveball, you really have no choice but to lean into that curve.


It was so interesting to speak with both Tori and Maggie the other day.  They are both at such different parts of their journey: one with young kids and newly married to one with grown up kids and newly divorced.  

Would they meet and become friends in other circumstances?  The “beauty industry” is their common ground.  They chat and visit and laugh throughout the work day; to see them get along so well is just delightful.  

Women from all walks of life seek out beauty services for a myriad of reasons.  Tori and Maggie are two people who spend their days helping women feel good about themselves and that alone is reason to be proud.

Thank you ladies, I’ll see you again soon!

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