Some of my beautiful People of Port Arthur babes are no longer in Port Arthur.  

Or even in Thunder Bay!
Veronika, also known as Number Five has moved to Alberta!


Julia, also known as Number Eighty-Four, moved all the way to British Columbia!


Some people had babies!

Diane, also known as Number Seventy-Two, had a baby boy!

It’s like she’s telling us how big her baby was!


Amanda (Number Eighty-Nine) had a baby boy too!


Jacquie (Number 171) finally popped and brought a darling little girl into the world, to join that boy brother!


Some people fell in love!

You all remember Number Eight of course!

Impossible to forget!

Do you remember Number Fifty-Nine?

The Canadian darling from Detroit Rock City!




I introduced them.  

I’m not a match maker. People of Port Arthur is NOT a dating site.  But I introduced them.  

And they liked each other.  Then they loved each other.  Then they bought a house.  

It’s a disgustingly sweet and beautiful love story.  And it makes me very happy.

Kissing in an alley because your friend told you to! It’s romantic!

It’s wonderful to hear about big life changes from my little collection of people!

Much love and joy to you all!

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