Are you ready to meet the man with the best smile in the city?

Your wait is over!

That’s Jamie!

I guess the smile is squished by the hound, but you can’t deny it’s a fabulous picture. Jamie’s wife, Jesse, sent me the picture because she wanted to brag about being married to the man with “the best hair and the best smile. And he gives the best hugs in the world!”

Oh my! He sounds dreamy!

Well, my dear readers, please do not run up to Jamie and tackle him with hugs. Always ALWAYS respect personal boundaries and, you know, ask permission!

You might remember Jamie’s wife Jesse, also known as Number 224.

Here they are at last winter’s Bizarre Bazaar, selling their special hand roasted coffee. More about that in two minutes!

Another familiar face below (or side of face), Number Six, is a good friend of Jamie’s.

Jamie was born just outside the city in Shuniah, and grew up with one brother. He studied geography at Lakehead University and has worked hard at many different kind of jobs since his graduation.

He worked as a cartographer for many years; moved to Yellowknife (loved it) and worked in the land claims office. He came back to Thunder Bay and worked for the city, then he worked for Lakehead and THEN….

In 2013, Jamie founded his very own company called Rose N Crantz Roasting Co. His full time job is now roasting coffee beans, packaging the beans, distributing bagged beans to various business around town, selling coffee at the Thunder Bay Country Market, and showing up at events such as the Bizarre Bazaar to sell hot coffee to all the exhausted Christmas shoppers.

Please! By all means, visit Jamie’s business page to learn more about what he does! And if you get a chance to talk to him in person, you will learn SO MUCH about coffee, it’ll blow your mind-hole! It’s interesting too! Not even joking.

Let’s see that smile one more time!

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