A few days ago, I went to The Beauty Collective and had my eyebrows tattooed right onto my face. Because why the heck not!

Jess had a great sale; I love the idea of waking up with my brows already in place and I’m not one to shy away from a tattoo needle.

Now. I have to tell you something pretty shocking. Yes, more shocking than tattoo needles in the face. The Beauty Collective is on Victoria Avenue!

That’s sooooooo far from me and my home base of downtown PA.

Jess used to work in PA with the gang at Red River Trade Company. Recently she decided it was time to branch out and form her own business. She found a great location (it’s seriously beautiful) and she just went with it.

Jess met a young woman named Lauren who is an expert with eyelash extensions and the two of them are now working quite happily together in The Beauty Collective!

Jess specializes in permanent makeup procedures with actual ink and a tattoo gun. These are the services Jess provides for her clients:

I had the “Combo Brows” done. That is a combination of tattooed shading and hair strokes.

If you’re used to getting tattooed, this type of procedure won’t be shocking. It can, however, be unnerving to have needles so close to your eyes.

Jess is extremely gentle and provides pain management with numbing creams and gels. The amount of original brow hair you possess, will determine the length of your procedure. My brows took about 90 minutes.

Jess is fine with letting her clients take breaks and ask for additional numbing gel. Jess is also a perfectionist and will keep working until she’s completely satisfied.

So can we have a look at this magician?

Yes, I think we should gaze upon the angelic visage of the woman who transforms faces.

Daaaaayum, girl!

This beauty lives with her partner and two adorable children. Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Jess grew up as an only child. She surrounds herself with people she loves and just dotes on her children.

Jess enjoys tattoos, makeup, fashion, and dancing. She loves to dress up fancy and express herself through movement: She spent many years as a choreographer for the local dance troupe Le Cabaret Noir.

Thank you for working so hard for me and my face, Jess. If you’re interested in permanent makeup, please visit her Facebook page: TheJessBrow. Jess is ready and waiting to answer any questions you could possibly have about lashes, eyebrows, and lips.

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