Remember when Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) died at the end of season one?  

Yeah yeah of course you do.

You probably also remember that when one slayer dies, another rises up to take her place.  

So Buffy died!  

But then she came back to life!  But there was a new slayer anyway!  

Two slayers, man!

Anyway, that second slayer was named Kendra.  She had a difficult-to-pinpoint-but-possibly-Jamaican accent.  When asked who she was, she replied, “Ken-DRA!”

Ooooo, it was so cool and so bad ass!

The real life Kendra is pretty much exactly like fictional slayer Kendra, except much cooler.

Right down to the “badass!”

Oh I’m sorry, that was supposed to say BAG ass. 

And she’s not a slayer, she’s a skater.  

A Bag Ass Skater. 

I can’t deny that she slays me though.

Kendra grew up in Thunder Bay with a sister and two brothers.  A big happy family full of laughter and practical jokes.

Kendra attended University to become a teacher but it wasn’t the right fit.  She was a tree planter for 13 years and continues to work in the forest and on farms.

She also tends bar, does stand up comedy, sings, raps, plays the guitar and keyboard, and experiments with synthesizers and autoharps.  Kendra is extremely handy and loves to build and create.  She lives in the countryside and frolics with puppies, chickens, and goats.  A couple pigs too.

Kendra is a jack-of-all-trades and she’s jacked on all trades!  She is universally loved and there isn’t much she cannot do.

Peace out, sweet woman, slayer of every heart to witnesses your wonderful weirdness and sparkling personality.

You’re beautiful on the inside and the outside; you can skate up and down my street any day of the week.

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