This beautifully bearded fella has a cool hand.

Well, in the below pictures, his hand is in his pocket; his hands are probably freezing! So, Cool Hand Luke it is!

Luke was born in St. Catharines and grew up with two brothers.

I was surprised to learn that Luke spent five years studying architecture at Carleton University because I know him as a brewer! It wasn’t until after he was done at Carleton that he switched gears and studied brewing at Niagara College!

About two years ago, Luke saw an opening at Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. here in Thunder Bay. It seemed like a perfect fit because his brother was studying nursing at Lakehead University.

So the big move to Thunder Bay happened and that is where Luke met his lady love, Sarah. Also known as Number 145!


Sometimes Luke gets to join the Sunday Brunch Squad. He’s very lucky! Though if I were him, I’d be worried about ol’ Number Eight there beside him. Number Eight is always up to something and this picture proves it.


I took a picture of Luke and Sarah (Number 145) as they walked away after brunch. Full disclosure: I did not have permission to take this picture. Eeep! Hopefully they think it’s as adorable and endearing as I do.

Luke is a very interesting person and I’m happy I got to know him over the last year. He loves almost everything about being in the great outdoors such as hunting and fishing and camping.

He loves to create and work with his hands and is extremely skilled at all kinds of DIY projects. Presently he’s working on converting an actual school bus into a mobile home that he can actually use as place to live. Amazing!

Luke is basically a lumberjack prince and it’s awesome. He walks the walk and he talks the talk. He’s the real deal, baby. Authentic, conscientious, talented, and caring: that’s Luke.

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