She was once known…. as Jodi.

But after a little slip in the kitchen resulting in HUNDREDS of sutures (ok, not hundreds), she became known as….


Out of respect for Stitches’ parents, I’ll refer to their youngest child by the name they gave her.


Everybody else should call her Stitches.

So young Jodi here was born and raised in Thunder Bay. Her parents came over from Newfoundland as teenagers after her dad got a job in this area. They decided to stay and raise a family.

Jodi has one older sister who is getting married next summer and it’s very exciting!

Jodi is taking political science at Lakehead University but she’s not quite sure if it’s the right program for her. Which is totally fine! There’s plenty of time to make changes.

I had fun asking ol’ Stitches here to show me her injury. She wouldn’t take off the bandaid because of sanitary reasons.

She promised to show me a picture of her fresh injury though, so I’m holding her to that!

She’d like EVERYBODY to know that she took a lot of time off work and did NOT serve food to people with a serious injury. She’s almost fully healed and is keeping the bandaid on longer than necessary as a precaution.

Annnnyway, the work she missed while injured was her serving job at Nook, everybody’s favourite Italian eatery! Jodi has been there since August and is loving it!

Jodi’s favourite food is homemade Pad Thai, which seems kind of weird considering she serves Italian food, but whatever, that’s none of MY business.

Jodi loves to sing, play guitar, watch Netflix with her boyfriend, work out at the gym, and enjoy nice glass of wine.

What a darling!

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