Apparently Michelle and I went to the same high school at the same time.  

Apparently we have about a thousand mutual friends!  

I just met her last year though, when we were both guests at the same wedding.

Michelle visited BC with her Grandmother when she was 12 years old and decided then that she would one day move out west.

That day came in September of 2014.  Michelle took the plunge and packed up her life and moved.

She left her family here in Thunder Bay but she found love on the west coast.  She’s not overly sentimental so she’d just tell she decided to move in with this grumpy guy because he needed to be kept in line.  But I know better than that.  Her and The Grumpus fell madly in love and are currently renovating a house in Kelowna.  First comes love, then comes home renos.  That’s just how it works.

Michelle works for a company that makes signs for ski resorts all across North America.  She loves her job and her life in BC, but she still comes home from time to time.  

She’ll never forget her hometown, especially since it became home to Sleeping Giant Brewery as well!

Michelle proudly wears her Sleeping Giant Brewery hoodie!
Thank you Michelle; thank you Grumpus.

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