I had a table set up at the downtown Craft Revival last month; that’s where I met Catherine. She had a table right beside me!

I enjoyed looking at the array of pottery, crafts and baking that Catherine was offering through her business alter ego, know as “The Kitchen Witch.”

She had these cool wooden spoons into which she had burned sunflower designs.

They sold out!

Almost all the baking sold out too! Thank goodness I got to try a few of the broken cookies! So good!

Catherine had a really good day at the Craft Revival and it was nice listening to her interact so genuinely with all the customers.

Catherine was born in Thunder Bay and went to Niagara-on-the-Lake for a couple years to study cooking. She’s now a trained chef, after earning a Culinary Management Diploma at the Canadian Food and Wine Institute at Niagara College.

Catherine teaches pottery classes for kids at the Baggage Arts building at the marina, and spends time creating her own beautiful pieces using the shared studio space there.

In her spare time, Catherine loves cooking and skiing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. And really, she’s usually doing something artistic. Art and food are both a way to make a living and a way of life.

Catherine’s mom, Pauline, helped her with the set up and take down before and after the day of selling handmade goods to the masses.

Pauline hails from England and arrived in Thunder Bay as a young woman. She has three daughters – Catherine is the middle daughter – and is now retired.

What a beautiful mother/daughter picture!

It was so nice to meet both of these ladies; I hope I’ll be able to add some of Catherine’s pottery to my collection in the near future!

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