Now it’s time to talk about Heather!

The final co-crafter from my Craft Revival location back in November.

Her table was across from mine and she sat there all day absolutely glowing. Because of lights. People, she had Christmas lights in her hair! I’m kicking myself now for not getting a picture of Heather with her hair all lit up. You’ll have to settle for a couple pictures of her her products instead!

Heather sells under the name of Kreacher’s Cupboard and…. I mean, the name alone lets me know that we’re kindred spirits. Solid Harry Potter reference, my girl Heather!

Heather was born in Kapuskasing but moved to Thunder Bay shortly after, as her father (an OPP officer) was relocated for his job. Her family moved to Toronto when Heather was 10 years old, but she just couldn’t stay away. Like the cat, of course!At 18 years old, Heather came back to attend Lakehead and decided to stay.

After University, Heather met her partner Dave and became stepmom to his two children and now she gets to be Gramma to four adorable little grandchildren! Oh, and she’s momma to an elderly (and deaf) shitzu/cocker spaniel cross named Buddy. Buddy gets jealous whenever Heather wants to hug Dave. Poor little pup. Poor Dave!

Heather has worked as a shoe shine girl, a janitor, a sales clerk, a medical transcription, and is currently working as an office administrator. That’s quite a resume!

Heather has been knitting and crafting for about three years and has been making soap and body products for less than a year. Her products are functional, simple, but also very clever. I bought a Christmas tree ornament from her that looked like a little text book, and if you opened up the pages, you could see it was made from actual pages of a Harry Potter book. So clever!!

You’ll have to visit the Kreacher’s Cupboard Facebook page to check out the other geeky and adorable products.

Because seriously!

It was really fun to meet Heather and share an afternoon with her. I hope we can get our tables together at the next craft revival too!

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