I met Jayan last month at the Craft Revival.

No wait, correction!

I met her at the springtime craft revival back in May. I bought a lovely little print and admired her teeny tiny baby!

Imagine my surprise (and delight) when, at the fall craft revival, she started setting her table up so close to mine! Her teeny tiny baby isn’t a newborn peanut anymore, but he’s still pretty tiny!

Jayan was born and raised in Thunder Bay with an older brother and some pretty amazing parents.

After high school, Jayan lived in Ottawa for awhile, where she trained as a hair dresser. Back in Thunder Bay, Jayan cut hair professionally for a time, until she decided to concentrate more on painting.

Jayan’s been drawing since forever, but the painting started about five years ago. You can see examples of her work below and, of course, visit her art page!

Look at that little cutie up there, all snuggled up with his mama!

Gramma takes a turn too!

Jayan’s mom and dad are both potters and worked hard to pass on the importance of culture, heritage, and creating art to their kids. Jayan admits that she didn’t really care to listen too closely when she was a self absorbed teenager. It wasn’t until she became a mom, that she realized how important these lessons from her parents really were!

now Jayan is married to an awesome dude and they have two terrific little boys. She is painting whenever she can and hopes to pass on the importance of her M├ętis heritage to her children.

What a beautiful person, inside and out.

I’d also like to step away from seriousness for a moment to say that Jayan is magnificently endowed with amazing boooooooobs!

You can’t tell from the pictures because of the lovely lacy black dress, but she knocked me over both figuratively and literally when she walked into our craft collective location.

She gave me permission to say that; I just really wanted everyone to know.

So there you have it: culture, heritage, family, art, and boooooobs! The five best things in life? Maybe, juuuuust maybe!

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