I want to introduce you to another cute daughter/mother combo I met at the Craft Revival last month!

Meagan is the daughter and Colleen is the mother!

Meagan is pictured first in this picture, but let’s talk about Colleen first!

Colleen was born in Keewatin several decades ago. Meagan actually told me the year her mom was born but it might not be polite to reveal that!

Colleen moved to the city in 1979 and tried out a few jobs before finding a long term home at MNP, formerly Fitzpatrick and Partners. She has worked there for 33 years now and loves it!

Colleen has two step-sons and one daughter. She likes to pretend that her dog Gracie is her other daughter. Like any good daughter, Meagan enjoys humouring her mom and is fine with claiming the canine as her sister.

In Meagan’s words, “My mom loves wine, gardening, and animals. She is an absolute bleeding heart and my best friend.”

Colleen actually adopted Meagan when she was a few months old. Interesting how Meagan was so quick to reveal her mother’s birth year but would only tell me that she’s a “90’s Baby.”

What’s the big secret, Meagan??

A few years ago, Meagan started attending Johnson and Wales in Rhode Island and North Carolina. She graduated last year with a degree in baking and pastry and returned home to Thunder Bay shortly after.

Meagan currently keeps busy working in the kitchen at Prime Gelato.

Meagan’s pride and joy is her cat Henry. She readily admitted to being one of those losers who has an Instagram account for her cat.

No Meagan, we don’t think you’re a loser. You’re just an adorable cat momma! You should probably follow Henry the maine coon:


Thank you, ladies, for talking to me while you were out shopping together and looking for Christmas presents. You are both treasures and we’re lucky to have you in our city!

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