How about another voice from the radio?

Let’s meet Gord!

Here he is reading the news “teasers” just before my interview last Wednesday morning.

Here he is being cheeky:

Gord grew up in Thunder Bay, right in the heart of Port Arthur. He is the oldest of three kids and grew up loving almost any kind of sport. He loved hockey, soccer, and baseball, plus more outdoorsy endeavours such as fishing and camping.

As an adult, Gord’s first job was working as a land surveyor. In the mid 1980’s he left that job and became editor of a fishing magazine. Around that same time, Gord began working freelance for the CBC and he’s been there ever since!

Presently, Gord is the editor of Ontario Out of Doors magazine and continues on with the CBC in, what is officially known as, a casual capacity.

Casual or not, to me it seems like Gord’s voice has always been there; always on the radio. He seemed to really enjoy knowing that I – a grown up woman with three children – have been listening to his various speaking roles on the CBC since before I even knew what 88.3 meant.

In the early 1990s, Gord married a beautiful lady named Cheryl and they are the proud parents of two amazing (now grown up) sons.

Gord’s life is just so full that it boggles my mind. I’m literally stunned into silence (and that never happens) by thinking of everything he does to fill up his days.

In addition to loving his amazing family, Gord is happy to call the CBC his second family. The enjoyment he receives from radio and writing and fishing and sports is multiplied indefinitely by even more favourite pastimes: hunting, boxing, running, playing the guitar in THREE bands, napping, and taking hundreds of selfies.

Yes, you read that correctly. Gord loves a good selfie and is unapologetic about it!

Hey look, it’s my new friend Gord!

The selfie was his idea!

I was just thrilled to meet Gord and learn more about his work and his life. He loves Thunder Bay and takes immense joy in telling people his heart is happy here.

I’m happy here too, Gord. For so many reasons, including good and wonderful people like you.

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