Oh Julia, how lovely to see you all grown up!

My mom and Julia’s mom are friends and former coworkers. Julia and I (and our siblings) used to be former play-date friends!

Even in the 80’s play-dates were a thing!

Julia and her two sisters and twin brother would come to our house to play and for birthday parties; me and my brother visited their house for the same reasons. My mom used to always say, “Can you imagine having four kids that young?!”

No mom, I cannot! But Julia’s mom didn’t have to imagine it, she was living it!

And Julia doesn’t have to worry about it either, as you can see here, she has but one child to worry about!

Good grief, is this not adorable? Mother son coffee date! I’m pretty sure he’s drinking hot chocolate but I’m not going to judge!

Julia has recently returned from living away from Thunder Bay. After her son was born, she decided it was time to get back where she could have the support of her family.

Julia is enjoying being close to her mom, brother, and younger sister again. Other family members are out of town but do come back to visit.

It’s a time of resting, being a mom, and personal growth. Julia is studying to be a nurse right now and would eventually like to find employment here in the city. I wish nothing but the best for this lovely lady and her family.

It’s fun to randomly run into old childhood friends every so often and it’s comforting to know we’ve got a future nurse in the city, getting ready to take names and kick butts!

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