I met Kris for the first time at the CBC last Wednesday.

Of course I had heard of him before!

Many times!

Kris was born in Thunder Bay and attended Lakehead University, then moved on to Ryerson for the Journalism program. After completing a year, Kris was offered a job and decided to accept! He came back to Thunder Bay and started working for The Chronicle Journal. I remember seeing Kris’s name in the paper when he worked there.

After his time with The Chronicle ended, Chris returned to life as a student and went to Algonquin College in Ottawa, this time for scriptwriting.

Presently, Kris is loving his job with the CBC. He does a myriad of tasks including, reporter, associate producer, and morning operator.

Kris frequently writes screen plays and often works with his friend Lee. He says, “I freelance on the side. We’ve won a couple of minor awards over the last while.

So modest!

This was my view of Kris while in the booth with Lisa and Gord last week. You can see mine and Gord’s reflections and for some reason that really amuses me.

But look at Kris, so hard at work!

When behind that glass, this is the view that Kris sees, looking at the people on air:

Kris enjoys his dog and two cats, video games, movies, reading, writing, and “the usual boring stuff.” His words!

I also know he really likes Godzilla!

This is Kris with his dog. I took the picture from his Facebook page with permission.

It’s obvious Kris is a person with many talents and skills. It seems as if every time he left Thunder Bay, he just kept coming back. There are always reasons for why a person might keep coming home again and again, but I think it’s pretty safe to say, Thunder Bay is lucky to have this gem.

We’re glad you came back.

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