Kristin grew up in Thunder Bay with a loving family, parents, step-parents, brothers, sisters: a veritable gang of fun!

As a young woman, she had dreams of working in radiology. It’s an incredibly difficult field of study to get into and Kristin put that dream (temporarily) on hold while she spent her twenties excelling at various jobs in the food services industry and traveling all over the world.

Several years ago, Kristin decided it was time to follow the dream. She ended her job as a restaurant manager after being accepted into the radiology program. She worked hard, aced everything, and eventually took a job in Southern Ontario as a medical radiology technician.

It really was the dream job. But as often happens, life threw a curveball; Kristin had to return unexpectedly to Thunder Bay at the end of 2016. She wasn’t sure if she’d be able to continue in her chosen career and, admittedly, it was a stressful period.

Kristin worked as a ward clerk at the hospital for many months before a job as medical radiology technician opened up. And the dream continued!

If you ever need to go to the hospital for an x-ray, there’s a chance it’ll be Kristin who guides you through the process. She’s kindhearted and silly, but so professional. She’s a pleasure to be around, whether you’re just visiting with her or getting the inner workings of your bones and organs checked out!


Let’s talk about Andrew now.

Kristin introduced me to him at a wedding celebration last year. I heard she had met a young man named Andrew but I didn’t make ‘the connection’ until seeing him in person. I realized that Andrew and I had gone to elementary school together; I was good friends with his sister. What a small world!

Andrew and his older sister were two of the sweetest and nicest kids at school. Two kids and two parents: truly a lovely family! They lived out in the country and spent a lot of time outside, enjoying the beauty of nature.

I think it’s worth mentioning at this point that Andrew didn’t always resemble a happier Lex Luther. He had a lot more hair when I knew him as a child.

As an adult Andrew studied flying and aircraft maintenance at confederation college and is now established as a valuable team member for a local airway company. He works hard while in town and spends parts of the year working overseas.

Kristin and Andrew met last year and are having so much fun enjoying life together as a partnership. They love music and art and board games, and they love doing outdoor activities like snowshoeing, hiking, camping, and fishing.

It’s nice to see them together because they’re both so positive and funny. Individually, they shine. Together, they just radiate.

It’s always such a joy to witness two beautiful people together and just know that they’ve followed their dreams and are living life to the fullest.

Happy happy, joy joy!

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