I’m sure it’s no surprise that my little stint on CBC radio is going to kickstart a little series on CBC personalities!

We’ve already met Matt from the CBC!

Time to meet Lisa!

Obviously Lisa at the CBC is nowhere near my regular Port Arthur homemade. We’ll go ahead and call this a Fort William Friday!

I met Lisa in person, for the first time, in 2014 when my friends Katie and Jessica and myself were invited in to discuss our joint “Search for a role model” project.

But of course, I met Lisa long before that!

My first encounter with Lisa was in my home, every morning, starting in the early 90s.

My mom has been listening to CBC radio every morning since before I was born. In 1992, Lisa’s voice was added to the roster; she was with us as we got ready for work and school.

Every morning for over two decades now!

Lisa arrived in Thunder Bay with a young son in tow. A single momma from the faraway land of Newfoundland and Labrador!

She took a job with the CBC and planned to stay for only two years. However, she met and married a sweet bald man named Brad, and together they had another lovely son. And Lisa has called Thunder Bay home ever since!

In her off-air spare time, Lisa loves spending time with her family, she enjoys going to church on Sundays, she likes knitting, and she likes to get outside in the great outdoors for things like snowshoeing, hiking, and canoeing.

Lisa’s voice really is an integral part of my life. After twenty plus years of hearing her talk about local and Canadian events and interviewing interesting people, I can truthfully say that turning on the radio and hearing her voice is like home.

Feeling blue or a bit lost? Turn on the CBC (88.3FM, CBC Radio 1) and listen to Lisa.

Sooner or later she’s going to laugh about something and then everything in the world will make sense, if only for the three hours during the morning show.

What a beautiful person with so much love to share.

Thank you Lisa for inviting me into your world!

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