I met Matt about four years ago. I went to a Mad Hatter themed tea party with a friend and Matt was there as a photographer. He took a photo of my friend and I, then later, I contacted him about getting a copy!

Hey, you, photographer that I don’t know, can I have a picture?

I offered to pay for the photo but he declined, saying I had to promise to bring business to him in the future!

Read about that business over here on Eating Dirt.

Then I met Matt again, about a year ago I think. A mutual friend introduced me to both Matt and his wife, and I liked them both right away. Why? Because they’re beautiful and amazing. Matt’s wife is a vivacious red-head named Julie. I’ll get her picture one day because I have a soft spot for red-heads named Julie. So does Matt, obviously!



He grew up on a farm with a mom and a dad and a brother and a sister. Anything gross you can think of that has to do with farming, Matt has done it. He told me he cut a cow carcass in half with a chainsaw. Gross, right? It was at that point of course that I decided Matt and his family should be friends with me. Done deal.

So this past fall, I started working with Matt on a few photography projects. He doesn’t want any publicity so make sure you NEVER contact him with a photo shoot idea. He’ll hate it.

He doesn’t have a business page on Facebook because that would be publicity. Publicity is for chumps.

But here he is anyway, working on one of our photo projects!

Here’s Matt watching Diane aim a crossbow. He looks mellow and calm. Because nothing can shake him.

The other guy in the photo is Luc. He was definitely not my teacher in elementary school and he definitely does NOT want to be featured on this blog. Please pretend you didn’t even see him.

Matt loves spending time with his lovely ginger Julie and their kids. Matt works a boring day job (his words) but loves using any spare time for off-roading in his Jeep and taking beautiful pictures with his collection of cameras.

A truly decent man with a kind and caring heart. I’m happy to know him and very happy to share a snippet of his life with readers.

Picture taken by Ginger Julie

Picture by the Ginger Julie


  1. When i first met matt was at your goth photoshoot his words were “i saw you on your wedding day and really wanted to take a pic but didnt want to be rude” always has a lense for a eye… Like not the one that is your eye.. But like metaphorically ๐Ÿ˜œ

    1. Author

      Haha, I get what youโ€™re saying. And yeah, now I remember he said that! ๐Ÿ˜„

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