How to write about a person when she’s requested no mention be made of her employment?

A person’s career is important and can be a big part of someone’s identify. But it’s definitely not the MOST important part!

There’s so many wonderful things about Mel, so all we need to say about her job is that she’s a hard worker and very skilled.

I have a few cute pictures of Mel that I’d like share. In the first, she’s relaxing in her front porch. Well it looks like she’s working on something, but she looks pretty relaxed.

In the second picture, I captured her playing with some kids at a wedding reception. Mel is proudly child-free but does enjoy the little people when she knows they can easily go back to their parents!

In the third picture, I captured Mel being adorable at a Christmas party.

Mel is excited about moving into her dream home sometime this year, and she loves her husband and furry feline companion more than anything.

Mel is sometimes quiet but isn’t afraid to show people how funny and smart she is. She loves fancy shoes, good wine (maybe bad wine too?), baking, and spends a bit of time being crafty and creative.

All in all, I’d say Mel is a great person to know. She is a great balance of fun and serious, social times and quiet times, loud and quiet. I’m happy to have her in the periphery of my life because she’s a lovely and completely solid person.


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