I joined Lisa Laco in the studio this morning for an interview!

Now, obviously I like to talk so I was pleased to have the opportunity to chat on air about my various projects, specifically People of Port Arthur.

Here is a link to the article posted by the CBC website, including a place to click and hear the audio.

Cover photo by John Ongaro Photography.

What a fun way to spend a morning, catching up with Lisa and getting to know Gord Ellis, Christina Jung, and Chris Ketonen. Some amazing CBC personalities who will undoubtedly be showing up here very soon!

Eeep, photos of me taken while talking are both plentiful and rather painful to look at!

And seriously, what an honour to be recognized on the local morning show, as well as the local arts magazine, The Walleye.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing some bloggy end of year “housekeeping” and some projections for the coming year.

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