This fella wasn’t born in Port Arthur or Thunder Bay, but he did live here for awhile!

Originally from Fort Frances, Ontario, Devan currently resides in Brandon, Manitoba.

He lived in Port Arthur for two years while completing Completing a Forestry Technician diploma at Confederation College. He graduated in 2004, which eventually led to the completion of a Geography degree from Brandon University in 2017.

But as you can see from the shirt in his selfie, he’s still representing some Thunder Bay colours through his Con College Forestry tshirt.

I think he should get a Port Arthur tshirt, but that’s just my opinion. Maybe his sister (who lives in Westfort) will get him some cooler clothes for Christmas this year.

Currently Devan volunteers with Assiniboine Food Forest in Brandon, as well as a few Manitoba folk festivals, frequently as a chauffeur for the performers. He also enjoys camping, hiking, painting, and gaming.

Will we see this young man around Port Arthur’s parts again in the future? Who knows! But it’s nice that his time here was positive and I bet he’ll be back to visit his sister and her little family soon enough!

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