The latest victim to fall into my trap! He came into my house and I took his picture.

Hi Derrick!

Hmmm…. are you trying to tell me something here?

Nah, he’s just kidding around!

I met Derrick just before Christmas at the annual Bizarre Bazaar. He and his wife (Marla, I’ll catch her soon) were selling tshirts and other printed items; I told them shyly (haha, just kidding) that I liked their shirts. And then we talked and discovered they have a daughter the same age as my youngest.

Then BOOM! We were friends. It was magical. And now we’re in the process of forcing our kids to be friends. So you know, regular parenting stuff.

Derrick was born in some place…I think it was Wawa. He moved to Thunder Bay more than a decade ago with a duffle bag of stuff and the clothes on his back. I think it’s fair to say he struggled a bit with employment and lodging, but eventually he found himself standing strong. He met a lovely lady and moved with her to Dryden. Then they moved to Sault Ste Marie for a few years, and eventually decided to come back and make a home in Thunder Bay.

Derrick has been working retail for years and recently decided to follow a dream and begin a tshirt printing company. So now there’s this wonderful new clothing company in town, run by an extremely friendly little family!

The front of Derrick’s hoodie, Alram Apparel:

the back of the hoodie: Thriving on Chaos!! Aren’t we all? If not thriving, then certainly surviving!

Alram Apparel tshirts are available at New Day Records and various craft/artisan sales that pop up around town. Last year Derrick and Marla took the business to The Busker’s Fest, Thunder Con and the Bizarre Bazaar. We’ll be seeing more of that in 2018 I’m sure.

Printing shirts and other clothing is such a great way to make your mark and get your creations out into a community.

In his own words:

I love the people here. Honestly, Thunder Bay people are the most genuinely friendly people I’ve ever met. I don’t think Alram would have made it in Sault ste. Marie because the only reason I’ve got off to a good start is I’ve had loads of support from local people.

I’m so happy that Derrick and his family have been having positive experiences here! The Alram tshirts are pretty popular; it’s probably a good idea to take a peek:

As you can see, their stuff is funny and a bit irreverent. Right up my alley, of course! Look for more examples on the Facebook page!

The man at work, he looks like he’s having fun:

Thank you Derrick, it was lovely to meet you and your ladies (wife and daughter); kindred spirits for sure!

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