This is James and he’s super happy about this month’s Walleye magazine! Why? Because his business was featured!

You can get all the baked goods you need at Donato’s Bakery: amazing pizza, beautiful bread, and a huge assortment of delicious desserts.

James was born in Thunder Bay and is the oldest of three boys. He opened this bakery about twenty-four years ago and has made it a real family business. Until his recent passing, James’s father worked at the bakery and, now, James’s mother still continues to work hard!

One brother works as a baker and the other brother is in charge of promotions. James is capable of doing everything around the bakery and works extremely hard as the business owner, a good son, and a good boss.

For a long time, Donato’s has offered up refrigerated pizza dough for sale. And more recently, a special pizza sauce has been added to the inventory.

Below you can see my littlest guy was pretty interested in this fancy bread slicer. Or…it might have been the giant cookie he was holding.

James let us take some dough and sauce home to give pizza making a try.

I think this is how you roll out dough, yes?

I’d say we were pretty successful with our pizza making adventure. It would definitely be a good idea to head over to Donato’s to get some ready-made pizza as well as the fixings for another pizza to make at home.

In his spare time, James loves fishing and is a huge fan of mustangs.

The cars, not the horses. Though he might like horses, I didn’t ask.

And would you just look at this?

Friendly bakery owner!

A smiley guy who likes kids allllllmost as much as he likes a perfect loaf of bread!

Thank you James! Thunder Bay is so lucky to have a hard working business owner like yourself! Keep up the good work.

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