Last weekend I met a lovely young lady named Kaiya. She had fabulous hair and perfect eyebrows.

And that’s really all you need to know about her!

Just kidding!

There’s so much to talk about, where do I even start?

Kaiya was working as Lana’s helper during our February 4th photography project, so naturally I asked her if she’d mind posing for my own, incredibly unprofessional, photo.

She agreed!

Kaiya grew up in Peterborough with one younger sister. As she got older, her family grew and expanded to include about four thousand step-brothers and sisters, each one better than the last!

No, I don’t know if Kaiya actually ranks her step-brothers and sisters, but I decided not to try and remember the exact number. We’ll just say they’re all lovely, and leave it at that.

But none more lovely than this little pint-sized genius, who came to Thunder Bay seven years ago for post-secondary school. Kaiya has an undergraduate degree (double major) in psychology and gerontology, and she began a Masters in health sciences. She’s even had her writing published (as lead author) in scientific journals.

See? Genius.

Kaiya works at Caribou restaurant and has been doing more and more free-lance photography projects on the side.

Kaiya has a gorgeous Bengal cat named Aurora, who she simply dotes on:

Can you EVEN with that fur pattern? Ugh, what a pretty kitty!

In her spare time, Kaiya is a self described adrenaline junky. She likes to go camping, hiking, snowshoeing, and enjoys all kinds of other outdoor activities. She loves heights and has been known to climb rock cliffs. That’s where the adrenaline comes in I think!

Kaiya really loves living in Thunder Bay. She loves the beautiful nature that surrounds us and she loves the artistic and creative community she’s found.

There are a lot of opportunities here for an artistically inclined young lady; I can’t wait to see what kind of creativity Kaiya puts forth into the world. It’s bound to be exciting, clever, and beautiful, because those three words describe her completely!

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