Whenever I’m in a restaurant (a regular haunt or a place I’ve never been before), I like to talk to the staff.

Why not, right? They bring me food and drinks, I give them money, so it’s a nice exchange. If it’s not busy, I like to learn a bit about the lovely people who are working so hard in the food service industry.

A few months ago, I met Lana at Nook. And what a delight she was!

What a delight she is!

Such a lovely young lady just bursting with ambition and creativity.

Well hellooooooo!

Lana immigrated to Canada with her parents when she was a young child. She lived in Southern Ontario for much of her life until last spring.

Lana has a Masters in Food and Agricultural Economics from Guelph University. Her boyfriend had previously decided to attend law school in Thunder Bay so Lana was hearing good things about the area. Her boyfriend recently graduated and they both decided to make Thunder Bay their home base: a fresh chapter in a new city for both of them!

Upon arriving in the city, Lana quickly found employment at a couple restaurants and then started thinking about what her next step would be.

The answer came in the desire to follow a dream: a leap of faith into starting her own photography business!


Say hello to Lana Pribic Photography!

Lana’s been taking pictures for about a decade but over this past year, in her new city, she is making this business work!

She has done some amazing food photography for local restaurants and lots of event photography (most recently, the tenth annual Derelicte event at Black Pirate Pub), and a lot of beautiful portraiture.

Many examples of Lana’s work can be seen here, on her website. And, you know, a few peeks below:

Just below, you can see Lana at Calico. The lighting is terrible but look how happy!

We were discussing the particulars of our February 4th photography project (a story for another time on another blog!).

I’m excited to see the pictures from our collaboration over the weekend and I’m very excited to see what else this talented young entrepreneur does in our city!

Can’t wait to work with her again!

Photo provided by Lana, taken by her friend Kaiya, who we’ll be meeting very soon!

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