This guy, Lucas, is quite a character!

His parents were born in Poland and immigrated to Canada (the Thunder Bay area) in time to welcome their blond little baby this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Lucas attended the electrical engineering program at Confederation college and then worked as an engineer for several years. In 2015, Lucas put his career on hold to pursue something completely different!


Creating beautiful and tasty food has been a lifelong passion for Lucas and he was thrilled to be welcomed onto the team at Nook on Bay Street.

That’s where all these hilarious pictures are from…

Did Lucas like me getting in his space?

Who knows!!

I had to take about forty pictures before he would look at the camera.

Lucas’s employment with Nook ended in December and he’s now cooking at The Sal on Frederica Street. That’s at the other end of town!

He’ll be back working in Port Arthur one day, though. I can feel it!

In addition to cooking, Lucas loves spending time with his beautiful girlfriend (his words, but I agree), playing the guitar and singing in the occasional cover show, and jiu-jitsu!! He’s a blue belt at Leading Edge MMA, and tries to compete at least once a year.

Lucas lives for noodles; they are his favourite food because they’re fun to make and so versatile. Homemade noods (as Lucas calls them) are the best but he admitted to indulging in the occasional sixty cent package of ramen.

In closing, please enjoy this Christmas card from Lucas. Yes, Christmas is over, but I really think all readers need to enjoy this artistic masterpiece.

Lucas sends out a ridiculous Christmas card every year.


What’d I tell you?!?

Such a character!

Keepin’ in weird in Port Arthur.

Never change, dude!

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