Have you ever had the urge to rip your body hair out by the root?

Don’t tell me. I know the answer is yes.

You know where you can go for that service?

Lots of places!

One good option, however, would be to visit Kate at Stella WaxBar.

Here she is posing with some of the available body products for sale! More about the products later!

Kate as born in Thunder Bay and lived here until she was 18 years old. After high school, she attended Con College and earned a diploma in esthetics. After that, Kate moved to Mississauga and attended school for medical esthetics.

And there’s more… after medical esthetics, Kate attended school for business and then hospitality management.

There’s still more. Kate then moved to Toronto and went to school for public relations! Seriously. Kate was a professional student! But she also worked in spas and restaurants throughout her time as a student.

After 8 years in Southern Ontario, Kate moved back to Thunder Bay. And it’s been quite a whirlwind! In the two years since moving back, Kate got engaged, bought a house, and opened up her very own waxing business.

As you can see in the first photo and above, Stella WaxBar is full of amazing body products. Kate believes supporting local business is extremely important and vital for building a strong community. Kate is so happy to carry a variety of body products from Lovely Body!

Get a selfie with your waxer? Why not!

Get the selfie after you’re finished getting the hairs ripped from your body because it’s easier to smile!

Cub sometimes gets to visit and be the “shop dog!’

My experience with Kate at Stella WaxBar was extremely positive and I will definitely be going back.

What a lovely addition to the downtown business area. We’re lucky to have this amazing woman and I’m excited to support her and thrilled to recommend her services!

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