I said I’d catch her, and I did!

To be fair, she was easy to catch considering I was an invited guest in her home. What’s she going to do? Ban me from taking her picture just because it’s her house?

Yeah… I guess she could have done that…

But she did not!

Marla was born in Dryden, not too far from good ol’ Thunder Bay. Around 2007, she was in town for a concert and that’s when she met her husband Derrick.

You remember him:

The kept in touch over Facebook and eventually Derrick moved to Dryden to be with Marla. Then they moved to Sault Ste Marie, and eventually decided to settle here in 2013.

2013 is when Marla started working at Things Engraved, at the mall. She really enjoyed that job but took a break from work in 2015 to do another kind of work: maternity leave!

Marla gave birth to a beautiful little blondie in 2015 and had a lovely time being momma, then decided to begin working at Payless in 2016.

Marla loves being a mom but she also loves working. She does the main earning for the household and her husband holds down the fort at home, as well as working hard on the family business, Alram Apparel.

Marla is making lunch for our kids here:

She has the best smile!!

Marla loves music of all kinds (though she admits to having no musical ability) and loves experimenting with makeup. She loves crocheting, her dogs, and spending time with her closest friends and family.

Here’s Marla helping out with the family business:

Apparently it was very hot that day. They are rocking it though!

I’m so happy I got to meet you, Marla!!

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