I met Melissa on the weekend, over a quaint and homey dinner of nachos and junk food. It’s always nice to meet a strong and hardworking young lady; Melissa is no exception!

She was born in Sault Ste. Marie and lived there until grade nine, when her family moved to Fort Frances. After high school, Melissa moved to Thunder Bay to study nursing.

A year after a strong start in nursing school, Melissa found herself unexpectedly pregnant. Like the strong woman that she is, she powered through, took a break to give birth, and continued with classes six days after her daughter was born.

Attending school full time and caring for a new baby is obviously a huge challenge but it’s one that Melissa conquered. She finished nursing school, started a job with the Thunder Bay District Health Unit, and had her second child, in that order.

Looking at her, you’d never know she’s a hard working mom of two. At the Health Unit, Melissa is a sexual health nurse. (I think we’ve met one or two of those before.). Melissa looks way too young to have accomplished so much. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult. I’ll leave it in anyway.

Melissa doesn’t think she’s very exciting but I think she’s wrong. When not at work, she likes to sing, crochet, bake, and cook. She loves having music/dance parties with her kids, doting on Ray-Ray the cat, and spending relaxing days with her partner and kids at their family cabin.

Sounds like a perfectly exciting life to me!

I love it.

Also, Melissa has a slightly inappropriate love for skittles. I’m totally ok with that!

It was lovely to meet you, Melissa!

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