I met Miki a couple weeks ago! I’d heard only good things about her in the year prior to us actually meeting in person and when she approached me about getting together, I said sure!

Even thought she lives in Westport.

It’s West-fort Wednesday, my babies!!!

Miki is probably best known around town for her involvement in the stand-up comedy scene.

Let’s get this out of the way right now… if you’re free on Friday night, you might want to check out Miki’s upcoming open mic event at Crocks! It’s sure to be worthwhile and completely hilarious. Miki, being an award winning comedian seeks out only the best headliners and is so excited to bring this kind of entertainment to the city.

Miki is also known for her work with rescue dogs. She has a big heart for animals in need. She shares her home with three rescue pups, including the lovely Veda, pictured below.

I think it’s worth noting that Miki’s pups are named Ellie, Veda, and Buttons. Say those three names together! It’s even better than Christa Chanda, and Leir.

Miki was born in Thunder Bay and grew up here until she graduated high school, after which she moved aaaallll the way out to Vancouver and began a career working in finance. Different jobs in the same field brought Miki to Winnipeg, then to Kingston, then back to Vancouver.

About seven years ago, Miki moved back to Thunder Bay. It was here, back in the old home town, where Miki met her future husband, Ryan. Their first apartment was in the old McKellar Hospital building, which is pretty cool because both Miki and Ryan were born there when it was still a hospital!

Miki is fixing her hair before the picture!

Ok, camera ready now!

Miki got into stand-up comedy about three years ago and began doing improv about a year after that.

She is actually the founder of the annual fundraiser, Comedian of the North (a competition that attracts comedians from all over Canada. Miki has also worked multiple times with Ron Kanutski and his Superior Comedy and Entertainment company.

Miki would like you to check out her husband’s band, Phsycho Therapy. Ron Kanutski is on lead vocals, hubby Ryan is on guitar, Joey is also on guitar, Scott is on bass, and Colin on the drums.

Thank you, Miki, for coming back to Thunder Bay, getting yourself healthy, and working so hard for this community. You are needed and loved.

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