I think it’s high time to feature a tall, dark, and handsome dude.

The first time I saw Stan, it was spring 2017. So about a year ago?

Yeah, that sounds right.

He was performing with Les Coquettes Rouges in their 9th annual Burlesque show! I met him briefly after the show.

On stage (a purloined picture from Jess of Good Design):

When not on stage, he mostly looks like this:

Stan was born in Southern Ontario, spent time in Alberta, and eventually settled in Thunder Bay. That all happened about 100 years ago. Stan identifies as Ojibway and likes telling people he’s “from the Nation of Stan.” I looked on google maps and couldn’t find such a place. I think he’s pulling my leg.

Stan began working as an actor at age 12; he spent summer vacation working on a movie. That movie gave him “the acting bug.” He didn’t act much during his teen years as he was busy with school and a stint as a football player.

Stan caught the bug again after landing a starring role in a National Film Board movie about Restorative Justice Circles, called Talking Together (cannot find link). This led to lifetime of acting in plays and shooting movies and tv shows all over the world, notably the role of Chief Bromden in a Frankly Scarlet production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Three weeks ago, I saw Stan (and loads of other talented performers) in The Producers. I’d never seen it before and it was great experience, thanks to Badanai Theatre and Paramount Live!

Aside from acting, Stan enjoys spoiling his dog Marcus, traveling around to see his favourite bands in concert, winning persian eating contests, taking off some of his clothes with the ladies of burlesque, and being tall.

He’s also a bit of a ham.

Stan is such an interesting man. I’d say Thunder Bay is pretty lucky to have him.

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