There are very few people who can hold a candle to this shining beauty.

A kindhearted and devoted mother, a loving wife, a talented performer, a hard worker, and absolutely gorgeous.

And she looks amazing in just about any dress!

Here’s Tara behind the counter (modeling the wares) at Hey Sailor, where she works part-time. If you walk into Hey Sailor and see this smiling face, you’re in for a treat.

Tara was born in Peterborough and moved to Thunder Bay after high school for post secondary education. She met and fell in love with her husband and they’ve been married for ten years now.

Tara and her husband have a lovely six-year-old daughter who is the light of their lives. After a few years of parenthood, it became apparent to Tara that she needed to seek medical advice. Intuition told her that something was different. Different doesn’t mean bad or worse, but it’s always a good idea to get second opinions if you have worries.

Tara’s daughter was diagnosed with autism and, while it took a lot adjustment, Tara and her husband are devoted and committed to getting the best therapies available for their beautiful little girl. Tara is very upfront and candid about how difficult it can be sometimes. Of course it’s difficult, but one thing is certain, Tara has so much love for her daughter and she has no regrets.

Tara works for her family Electrical business, G. Rowe Enterprises Ltd. They are a manufacturer’s agent and Tara deals with sales and customer service.

Tara is a longtime performer with the burlesque dance group, Les Coquettes Rouges, as well as a fabulous actress in many local productions over the last several years. Most recently, she played one of the lead roles in The Producers.

I swiped this picture from the Badanai Theatre Facebook page:

A born model, this one.

Thank you for talking to me, Tara. I’ve been completely lucky and delighted getting to know you and see you perform around town in the last year.

Keep shining brightly!

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