You know what’s fun?

When someone moves from the Fort William side of town to the Port Arthur side.

I mean, please remember, I have nothing against Fort William! But I really think it’s fun when my favourite people move closer to meeeeee!

It’s purely selfish.

Andrea recently moved with her little family (a handsome husband, a beautiful and feisty daughter, and a ridiculous little chihuahua) over to Port Arthur and I could not be happier. We spent some time this week touring around some of my favourite spots.

Including the ever popular Sweet North!

Please note, I’m purposely posting funny candids because Andrea is so easy going and so fond of saying “I’m such a spazz!” I’m not even going to let her have the option to veto!

She’s pint-sized! That’s why all the kiddies love her!

Andrea has traveled extensively all over the world and lived in many places all over Canada. She’s from Montreal (oldest of three siblings) and spent a lot of time in BC, where she met her husband (who is from Thunder Bay); they moved to Thunder Bay shortly after their daughter was born.

Andrea spent several years as a stay-at-home mom and has recently ventured back into the work-force with her own house cleaning business.

In her spare time, Andrea loves dancing to good music, drinking a nice glass of wine, cross country skiing, picnicking, hiking, and engaging in some therapeutic bitching with her nearest and dearest.

It’s so wonderful being in the inner circle with this beautiful human being. She’s real and hilarious and helpful and kind. And yeah, as she’s said before, maybe a bit of a spazz!

It’s all charm though. 100% positive charm! Thank you for moving your little butt over to my side of our fair city!

I can’t get enough of her!


  1. I agree, Andrea is amazing ♥ reading your incredibly sweet, well written article about my favorite person gave me happy tears! Love the photos and totally jealous she’s your new neighbor!

  2. We miss her a lot out in B C. (and Rusty too).

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