After a winter of sad and pathetic fingernails, I ventured back to Totally Polished and met the brand new nail technician!

It was fun getting to know Harmony for the hour I was there. She’s been at Totally Polished since Christmas time and she has quickly become a skilled and confident worker; I was very happy the result!

This is an oddly cropped picture, but I think it’s worth noting that nothing says “welcome back spring” like black and sparkly!

Unless that’s just me.

Harmony was born in Thunder Bay and grew up as the oldest of three. She graduated from Hammarskjold High School and subsequently took a year-long nail tech course. She finished the course and immediately moved on to Totally Polished.

Harmony loves almost everything that has do with makeup and nails. Her lashes and eye makeup are flawless!

In the next few years, Harmony would like to branch out from fingers and toes (manis and pedis) and learn how to do things like waxing and facials and lash application. Branching out your skills is never a bad idea!

A more long-term goal is to be an educator! Harmony hopes to one day teach other people about the inner workings of the beauty industry. Who knows! One day we might see a new Beauty School pop up here in Thunder Bay!

Those eyes! Hello Harmony!

That’s a nail buffer she’s holding, not a deadly weapon.

In her spare time, Harmony loves hanging out with her boyfriend and playing aaalll the video games.

I have no doubt that this young lady has a very full life ahead of her and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

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