When I was a young adult, I used to see Amanda’s face on the local news almost every day!

She wasn’t running from the law, but rather, she was delivering headlines from behind the news desk!

Amanda studied Broadcasting Communications at Con College about fourteen years ago and has been active in local media in various ways since then.

Recently, Amanda was the first female president of SHIFT, a social network for young and local professionals. The term on the board was for one year; presently Amanda provides advice and support and still attends events.

Amanda started working at Firedog Communications about nine years ago as Director of Communications & Public Relations. She says, “I previously worked at Tbtv as a photojournalist and news anchor and once upon a time I was also a radio morning show cohost.”

Recently we went for lunch at a newish place, The Peppered Bear. And it was good!

I also took a picture of Amanda paying for her meal and, in it, you can see that she was actually saying, “are you taking a picture of me as I pay?”

Yes I am Amanda, that’s how I roll!

Amanda loves writing and expresses a lot of her thoughts on her blog: Bay Awesome. She also loves traveling to warm beaches, fishing and outdoor activities, hot yoga, running, brunching with best friends, and she really loves her hometown, Thunder Bay!

I just have to share this one picture of Amanda with a giant fish she caught.

Look at that northern girl; too funny!

That fish is pretty much bigger than her!

I love that I’m getting to know another local blogger. You can see that we have really different looks, but we actually have a lot in common. We love dressing up for photo shoots, we love writing about personal life issues as a way of reaching other people experiencing something similar, and we both love supporting local businesses.

Two babely bloggers?

Yes! I think so!

What a lovely lunch. I foresee some collaboration in the near future with this media luminary.


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