What do you do if you run into a former classmate at the tattoo shop?

You take her picture of course!

Hellloooooo Anne!

Oh, hi boy Roland. I’d never forget you…

This fella is well on his way to completing a tattoo apprenticeship and getting lots and lots of practice!

But back to Anne.

We both grew up going to the same school and waiting for the same school bus. We weren’t friends (different grades *gasp*) but we were friendly. We got our hair cut at the same neighbourhood salon; we swear the old lady who cut hair did so while smoking a cigarette and drinking whiskey. You’ll never convince us otherwise.

In elementary school, I remember thinking that Anne was just beautiful, truly a gorgeous person.

Look at her now, she’s all grown up! And definitely still a beauty!

After completing high school, Anne attended culinary school. Over the years, she’s worked at many wonderful restaurants (Bistro One, Giorg, Bight) and is currently enjoying employment at The Chanterelle. Can you imagine a more beautiful place to work?

In additional to her delicious culinary prowess, Anne loves her pets (one cat and two dogs), gardening, hiking, working in DIY projects, retro and pinup fashion, and tattoos.

But really, it’s all about the food. Her partner is also a chef. I imagine the two of them engage in fantastic Top Chef style competitions every night. If that’s not true, I don’t want to know.

Anne says she’s happiest in the kitchen whether it’s at work or at home. It’s wonderful to see someone so talented truly enjoying her chosen career.

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