How cute are these two??

I officially met them at the burlesque show at the beginning of the month; you can see that we’re in the basement of the old Eaton’s building.

The lighting is bad but I think their cuteness is still pretty evident.

Cheryl was born in a town called Thessalon (near Sault Ste Marie) and Jerry was born in Lappe. They met here in Thunder Bay, just after Cheryl was finishing up at University.

Jerry was rather smitten and anonymously sent flowers to Cheryl for several days prior to asking her out to dinner. Cheryl didn’t actually know who extended the invitation but she went to dinner anyway and was pleasantly surprised to see Jerry.

They had a great date and Jerry requested a second. However Cheryl said she was too busy with an upcoming theatre show. She told Jerry that if he wanted to see her again, he had to wait….or volunteer to work on the play!

Jerry didn’t want to wait so he volunteered to help build sets. And after that, well… they started liking each other lots and lots.

Then love! Then marriage! And kids! Oh my!

They were married in 1999 on the stage at the old Magnus building. They had a baby, spent several years living in Southern Ontario (where they had two more babies), and moved back to Thunder Bay where their fourth and final baby was born.

Presently Cheryl has a business where she delivers cat and dog food, treats, and litter right to your door. It’s called the Pet Food Waggin‘ and you can read all about it on the Facebook page!

Jerry works for a contracting company and has a handy man business on the side.

Life is obviously very busy for this family! But not busy enough that theatre can’t be included. Both Cheryl and Jerry have continued to act and work on plays over the years. I’ve seen them both in various productions, most recently Jerry was on stage in February with The Producers.

Coming up very soon, you can catch BOTH Cheryl and Jerry on stage together in the Cambrian Players production of Almost Maine.

The director of Almost Maine, Julie, took these photos and I guarantee I’ll catch her one day for People of Port Arthur.

I could probably write a hundred more pages about this amazing couple and their lovely family. For now, let me just say that I’m very glad they came back to Thunder Bay and I’m looking forward to seeing them on the stage.

Catch Almost Maine starting on Wednesday!

Almost Maine runs May 30th to June 2nd and June 6th to June 9th. Visit the Facebook page to find out about ticket prices and availability.

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