Several months ago, a wonderful young woman came to my house with a whoooole bunch of bunnies!

She is the owner and operator of a traveling bunny petting zoo!

Ashley from Ashley’s Little Rabbitry!

She is so responsible and careful and hardworking, it was awesome to welcome her and the bunnies into our home!

Here she is setting up the bunny enclosure:

Ashley was born in Thunder Bay and grew up with two siblings. She has always loved animals and spent time as a young child breeding and caring for hamsters!

As a teenager, Ashley began breeding and caring for rabbits. She also has a cat and a puppy and says her animals are like her children; they’re the most important things in her life.

Today is Ashley’s 18th birthday and she is just weeks away from graduating high school! College is coming up in the fall; it’s no surprise that she’s got her sights set on studying veterinary medicine. If anyone can do it, Ashley definitely can!!

Thank you for making my child’s birthday so memorable!

Please visit Ashley’s Facebook page if you have any questions about booking bunnies for your event. Or just visit the page to see some adorable bunny pictures!

Happy birthday Ashley! Congratulations on your graduation and good luck with your future studies! Thunder Bay is so lucky to have such a hardworking young entrepreneur in our midst! I hope to see you again soon!


  1. Ashley is such a hard working individual that loves animals more than anything else! She’s so kind & caring. Her petting zoos are always a huge success & she has also helped rescue & adopt out many bunnies in bad circumstances! She is a reputable breeder who loves kids and always puts her fur babies first! Happy 18th Birthday Ashley!!

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