Edit: I paid Bill for mowing twice in July 2018 and he only mowed once. I attempted to contact him several times over the summer of 2018 and never heard back. I will go forward on the assumption that he lost his phone or forgot about me. I wish him well but I can no longer recommend his services.

A couple weeks ago, I saw a fella taking his lawnmower for a walk. He was pushing a lawnmower down the street in front of my house literally five minutes after I bemoaned my back yard jungle.

I said, “Hey, do you mow lawns for money?” Turns out, he does!

He swerved the mower into the wilds of my backyard and earned himself a new client for the summer!

Bill lives a block away from me so it’s probably nice to have a client in walking distance, but he does work all over the city!

And he doesn’t just cut grass…

Bill enjoys working hard and likes giving his friends and family a chance to do some work too.

Today Bill brought his cousin Chris over to my house. They did an amazing job turning my jungle (I can’t believe how fast the grass grows!) into a picturesque park.

Ok, it’s not a pretty yard, but the grass is no longer knee-high. So that’s something.

Bill is on the left. Cousin Chris is on the right.

Picture number one lets us see Bill forcing his cousin into posing for a picture. Thanks for being a good sport, Chris!

Picture number two, we can see Bill looking amused and Chris looking a bit forlorn. We may or may not have been making fun of his Nickleback shirt…

I really appreciate these guys helping me out so much. Bill is open to accepting new clients and welcomes text message inquiries between the hours of 8am and 8pm.

Everybody has a story. And now I know part of Bill’s story: he works hard, he loves his pets, and he treasures his daughter.

Good to meet you, neighbour!

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