About eight years ago, when I was pregnant with my second, I went to see Leslie and the Lys in concert at The Outpost and that was the first time I saw Milo.

I can’t remember the exact scenario but Milo got to go up on stage and talk to Leslie. It was funny and adorable and though I didn’t know Milo’s name, I thought, “I believe this is a person I will meet one day.”

And wouldn’t you know it, just like that, eight years later, we met!

Adorable Milo lives with adorable Ian and together they make up an adorable couple with two kitty cat side-kicks!

Let’s meet them!

This is Ian:

We need a closer look at that vest:

I mean, seriously. Can you even? No. You can’t.

Ian was born and raised in Thunder Bay works as a Purchaser/Receiver at Aramark, at Lakehead University.

This is Milo:

Ummm, a closer look at that vest please:

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Ian and Milo are among the best vested in Thunder Bay!

Milo was also born and raised in Thunder Bay and now works as a Victim Services Coordinator (with a specialization in LGBTQ2S folks) at the Métis Nation of Ontario.

I asked Milo a bit about their cats and this is what I received:

Tino and Gary, yeah! In case you want fun facts about them: Gary is around 16 years old and is diabetic but in great health. I’ve had him for around 12 years and Ian has adopted him as his own (Gary actually favours Ian over me most of the time!). Tino is around 8 years old and we adopted him from the Thunder Bay Humane Society last summer. He fits in so well, you think he has always been with us! (And he favours me, haha! 😉) They’re both cuddlebugs and sweethearts though, and we consider them our furchildren.

I love Milo’s enthusiasm. It’s clear those kitties are loved and cared for. We need a peek:

So, we all had lunch at Roosters Bistro and did some shopping at Moon Money Vintage, two terrific locally owned establishments in the downtown Port Arthur area.

Milo was beyond excited to find a Against Me hoodie at Moon Money. Best picture ever!

Thanks to Milo and Ian for indulging me and letting me photograph a little of their lives; I had a great time!

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