Cute couple alert!

A few weeks ago, I met John and Liv and they told me a bit about their beautiful love story.

Both John and Liv were born in Detroit and were high school sweethearts. After high school, they were separated by life and distance; they didn’t see each other again for 35 years.

Liv was married and had four children. John was also married, living in the area, and had three children of his own. The children grew up, marriages ended, and John and Liv found each other again and reconnected through a website called

They’ve been married for eight years now! It’s such a lovely story. They live and work here in Thunder Bay and are overjoyed to be expecting their 12th grandchild!

It’s hard not to see the love radiating from these two adorable humans…

The above photo is John showing me Liv’s book on Amazon. Explosive love sounds pretty magical!

Liv has also written a stage play (Some Kind of Holiday, put on by The Faith City Players) and is currently working on turning a screen play into a movie!

John is an incredibly gifted musician and has put out several cds and performed on many stages over the years. He can play just about any instrument, but focuses on guitar and bass. John has been a well regarded high school music teacher for over twenty years.

These lovely people are living life to the fullest as they pursue their creative passions, and enjoy their children and grandchildren. The love and support they have for one another is a wonderful testament to persistence and following dreams.

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