My house was full of rats and this lovely young fella came over to help get things tidied up.

“Tidied up” is a polite way of saying, Set up a bunch of traps full of rat poison.

The rodent problem seems to be settled now so I thought I’d introduce readers Davis: helpful pest controller and kind hearted human.

Davis was born and raised here in Thunder Bay and grew up with three brothers. After graduating from Hammarskjold High School ten years ago, Davis kept busy with various jobs.

It wasn’t until about four years ago though that Davis settled on a more long term plan. He took a course in ridding pests from homes, wrote an exam, and is now employed with NorWest Pest Control.

My family and I found Davis to be extremely helpful, responsible, and hard working. We were happy to welcome him into our home.

In his spare time, Davis loves spending time with his doggy!

Have you ever seen such a gorgeous floof??? I know I haven’t!

Davis also loves collecting antiques and “old stuff.” Here’s an example of the items he enjoys the most:

I can definitely understand where he’s coming from because “old stuff” is great; I have my own collections too.

Thank you Davis, it was great to meet you!

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