While having some gelato at Prime the other day, I was so excited to stumble upon a trio of sisters!

The only way this could have been better is if their oldest sister was with them!

But we can hold a place for her:

Sister number two, Miriam:

Sister number three, Asha:

Sister number four, Pippa:

Ugh, they’re all so delightfully adorable and wonderful.

Seeing them out “in the wild” without parents makes me feel old and shrivelled.

I met the family over twenty years ago (what?!) when there was just one sister.

When the second sister came along, the family moved very far away to live and teach at Woodstock School in Mussoourie India. Friends and family watched the family grow (daughters three and four) through beautiful and vibrant photographs; we excitedly sucked up their time with visits whenever they ventured back to Thunder Bay.

There was a move to England while the daddy of the family attended Oxford, and then a move back to Thunder Bay so the girls could attend high school with close hometown friends.

Oldest sister has been very successful in University and Miriam just completed a welding program on the east coast. Asha and Pippa are still working hard at high school!

Thankfully it’s summer now and nobody is working hard. At least not at this table….

Ugh. I have to say it again and again: way too cute. But we can’t forget, smart, sassy, fierce, and strong!

These ladies have travelled the world and still remain humble enough not to mock me relentlessly when I complained about moving to a new house two blocks away.

I can’t wait to see what kinds of adventures await this amazing family. It’s never boring and it’s never dull; it’s always inspiring.

Have a great summer!

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