Drive down Hwy 61 (towards the border) and turn right when you get to Hwy 130.

You’ll pass by the sweet little alpaca farm before you even realize you’ve arrived!

At least that’s what we did!

I saw a picture of an alpaca on Facebook a couple months ago and learned about the farm, so close to home; I really wanted to go see!

We planned our visit to coincide with my oldest son’s tenth birthday and he loved it. All three kids loved it! I liked it, my boyfriend liked it, even the dog liked it I think!

I mean, look at this:

It’s almost too much cute.

Connie and Darryl are the proud proprietors of Alpaca Valley Farm, located ten minutes outside of Thunder Bay. They are a delightful husband and wife team that turned their passions (raising animals, locally made products, and quaint little stores) into a business!

The barn was built in 2008 and the beautiful gentle alpacas were added to the family shortly afterwards. The store (in front of the barn) was opened to the public in 2013.

Connie and Darryl are happy to tell you all about their alpacas, the products in their store, and just about anything else you’d like to know. They’re extremely welcoming and very pleasant to talk to.

Definitely visit the Facebook page or the website to learn more about this unique Thunder Bay destination.

You should consider calling the farm to book an appointment to meet the alpacas! It’s not big and exciting like Disney Land; it’s small, quaint, homey, and just lovely. The store smells so good and the alpacas are so soft.

Thank you Darryl and Connie!!

And thank you Monsanto, Bandito, and Presley!

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