One of the great talents in our city is this guy right here:


He’s a photographer, a graphic designer, and a filmmaker. It says so right on his Facebook page, check it out! Also check out Keegan’s website.

Keegan grew up in Thunder Bay and, after high school, graduated from Confederation College in both the Film Production and the Media Development programs. He’s been working hard since graduation and has won several awards recognizing his talents.

In the pictures here, Keegan is photographing the annual Persian eating contest at The Red Lion. You can find his photography set up at most festivals and craft sales around the city and he usually brings a helper or friend with him so he can frolic around the festivities taking pictures of the event.

Keegan loves to travel and always takes amazing pictures of his adventures. I myself have loved traveling vicariously through the viewfinder of his camera!

As a young child, Keegan was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder. He speaks out on his condition fairly frequently as a way to bring awareness to the public. Keegan feels that artistic passion and expression are great ways to navigate life with autism. It’s a great form of therapy and a wonderful way for the public to see the world through his eyes.

It’s comforting when you go to an event and see Keegan there. You know that within a few days a Facebook album will pop up and you’ll be treated to a fantastic array of beautiful images. Definitely give his Facebook page a “like” if you’re interested in beautiful photography from far and wide and interesting characters; you’ll get the inside scoop on all the happenings around our fair city, in both Port Arthur AND Fort William!

Thank you Keegan.

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  1. I love Keegan’s ambition and his dedication to his work. I am so proud of this young man and his accomplishments.
    I look forward to seeing what he tackles next!

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