I first met Amy, or rather, I first saw her about fifteen years ago at Lakehead University. I saw her walking the halls so I’m just going to assume we were students at the same time.

Amy was born in Dawson Creek BC and moved to Thunder Bay as a child, returning to her mother’s birth place. Amy grew up with a younger brother and a younger sister.

I snapped Amy’s picture earlier this year while she was touring around downtown Port Arthur during Craft Revival. She posed like a professional!

Amy graduated with a degree in Political Science from Lakehead and then went on to earn a Journalism degree from the University of British Columbia.

Eventually Amy returned to Thunder Bay for a job at CBC radio, where she has been working as an associate producer for several years now.

During her Lakehead years, Amy was involved with LU Radio where she hosted a show (and helped with various events) for several years. Combine that early radio experience with a journalism degree and it’s pretty clear that Amy is well suited to her job at CBC radio.

In her spare time, Amy likes the quiet life. I asked her what she likes to do for excitement and she said quiet and nerdy things. She said it’s really not an exciting life, but I beg to differ. A quiet peaceful life full of good friends, music, a satisfying day job, listening to the radio and podcasts (obviously), watering plants, and going to bed early…. Well that all sounds pretty amazing in my opinion!

She’s also a big fan of Ukrainian dancing. Soooo….I think that must be the loudest and wildest part of Amy’s life!

Thank you Amy! You’re delightful and hilarious and we’re lucky to have you in the city. Keep up the good work bringing quality news and information to the people of Thunder Bay and the surrounding areas.

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