My first encounter with Kim was at Wojo’s Mojo, on Algoma St. I went in expecting to see someone else and was surprised by this larger than life presence simply radiating good energy from behind the counter.

Kim has been working at Wojo’s for about two and a half years and spends most of her Sunday afternoons manning the till and talking to weekend shoppers.

Kim was born in Fort Frances; shortly after graduating high school, she moved to London Ontario to study the Child Care Worker Program.

As a youth, Kim always said she didn’t really want to move to Thunder Bay. Not because she didn’t like it, but because she wanted to be different. Sometimes life has other plans though. Funny how that works out.

After completing her program, Kim’s beloved Grandfather passed away. She realized how upsetting it was to be so far away from her family and decided at this point to move to Thunder Bay.

Kim was able to find steady and fulfilling employment and be much closer to her loved ones in Northwestern Ontario. She worked at Kinark and the Lakehead Regional Family Centre (both of which evolved into the present day Children’s Centre) for many years, and then Dilico Anishinabek Family Care. She now teaches the Child and Youth Care Worker program at Confederation College.

In addition to a busy career, Kim spends as much time as she can with her daughter and son, and of course, working at Wojo’s Mojo. Kim walked into Wojo’s one day to buy a singing bowl. She and the owner, Vanessa, hit it off and Kim and was hired almost immediately.

She loves spending her Sunday’s at Wojo’s. It’s incredibly calming to be surrounded by beautiful smelling incense and meditative music. Kim talks to customers, finds her zen, finds her centre, and then takes all the good energy with her, into another week of teaching.

If you’re wondering who to vote for in the upcoming election (October 22nd), I would encourage you to consider Kim. She’s at Wojo’s most Sundays and would be happy to help you as a customer and and answer questions you might have as a constituent.

Kim has come such a long way from her youthful decision to “move far away.” She loves Thunder Bay and she loves the people. She wants safety, inclusion, and reconciliation; she wants health and healing for Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Canada.

Can one person do all that? No. But Kim is committed to helping out at a local level and her dedication and hard work in every other area of her life will encompass her involvement in city politics.

Kim and some of her most adorable voters

Thunder Bay is often said to have “a giant heart.” Of course, there are problems here, as there are in any city. But when I think about the giant heart of Thunder Bay, I definitely think about Kim.

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